OTM Int'l Announces 2019 International Summer Camp: 'You Are a Chosen People'

Olivet Teen Mission is preparing for its 2019 International Summer Camp which will be held in the Asia Pacific region this August. The program will focus on the theme "You Are a Chosen People" based on 1 Peter 2:9. Currently, volunteers and members around the world are gathering together ideas to create a fun and yet enriched program where all teens and kids

OTM NA to Hold Summer Internship, Trains Participants in Mission Works

Olivet Teen Mission North America is preparing for a summer internship from June 17th to July 5th in Dover. The purpose of this internship is to train church members on how to do Teen Mission in their cities and local churches. The participants who join the internship will come to learn more about teens, what they are like, and the need of spreading the gospel to this

Continental Leaders Gathered in UK to Discuss Teen Discipleship & Leaders' Training

OTM International continental leaders from the regions of Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America gathered in the United Kingdom to discuss how to develop strategies for teen discipleship and leaders' growth. As a conclusion of the gathering, all leaders agreed to work together to create more resources to help teens grow in their relationships with Christ and train

Easter Retreats End with Deep Knowledge of the Cross and God's Love

The 2019 Olivet Teen Mission International multi-day Easter retreats ended with abundant grace in the Lord Jesus Christ. In North America, the retreats held in San Francisco, Riverside, and Dover meditated on the meaning of the cross. This resulted in all teen members to be encouraged to have the attitude of Jesus Christ and to carry the cross that they may experience

OTM Celebrates 4th Anniversary, Reflects on Purpose to Shepherd Teens

Olivet Teen Mission International celebrated its Fourth Anniversary with a service on April 17, calling on congregants to ask God's help to revive and shepherd teens in the church. OTM International Representative Pastor Amanda Garcia delivered a sermon at Immanuel Chapel in Dover, NY.

OTM Plans Europe Conference and Retreat Focused on Raising Leaders of Tomorrow

Olivet Teen Mission International sees a need for establishing the ministry more firmly in Europe and is organizing plans to a conference and retreat in the UK in the coming weeks. OTM headquarters leaders will meet with Olivet Assembly UK and OA Europe church leaders to better understand their local context and give ministry presentations to parents, leaders and students.

OTM Confirms Schedule of Major Events in 2019

This week, Olivet Teen Mission International is confirming important dates and gatherings for the ministry. The aim is for leaders and teens can focus more on receiving God's grace and strength during the programs.

OTM HQ Emphasizes Raising New Leaders & Holding Teen Gatherings

Olivet Teen Mission International Headquarters continues to emphasize the importance of gatherings and raising leaders for teens. Through this, teens can come to develop a closer relationship with the Lord and devote their lives to the Kingdom of God. After the recent retreats and camps around the world, one main concern is the need for leaders who can serve as mentors to teens, specifically the second generation.

First OTM West Coast Camp Concludes in San Francisco

On January 1, Olivet Teen Mission North America in partnership with the Olivet Academy SF concluded its West Coast Winter Camp. The teens and children were able to enjoy being at the camp where they could learn more about God and have fellowship with their closest friends. During the past 10 days, the teens had the time to do Bible studies, play sports, have academic recreations, play instruments, and do performances.

OTM Korea Gathered for Joyous Christmas Retreat

From the 22nd to the 25th of December, OTM Korea held its annual Teen Christmas Retreat. The thorough theme was Jesus Christ coming to this world, based on John 3:16. They gathered for various bible lectures on this topic as well as teen services. Through this, attendees were able to meet God deeply and to learn more about the meaning of Christmas.

OTM Int'l Supports CIS Teen Mission with Resources

Olivet Teen Mission International has translated their basic starter manual into Russian. This brings great hope for the mission in the CIS region, that many teens in the future could be evangelized in these countries.

Chapters Worldwide Committed to Holding Diverse Activities

Olivet Teen Mission chapters continue to be guided to have consistent programs in order that teens always have the opportunity to meet the Lord. The main programs that HQ emphasizes are weekly activities, monthly events, and one-on-one. Please pray that chapters can truly implement these programs, clinging to the Lord for strength, love, and courage so that all teens around the world can be saved one day sooner.

Partnership with Olivet University Initiated to Raise Youth Pastors

Olivet Teen Mission International partnered with Olivet University and held promotional activities for teenage missions during the summer. The program mainly focused on providing young people with more spiritual and emotional support. Looking at the positive response from teenagers and their parents, the ministry realized its function to discipline youth with sound Biblical knowledge.

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