The Effectiveness of Bible-Centered Teen Programs, OTM Increases Teen Retreats

Olivet Teen Mission International Headquarters has increased research in order to revise its strategies for the new year. OTM holds onto the vision of evangelizing and discipling teenagers and giving them opportunities to serve God's kingdom. Recently, the ministry has started to seek more how to do this effectively through studying recent research conducted on youth ministries.

Second Internship Opens to Raise Teen Mission Staff

Olivet Teen Mission is opening its second internship program starting from next week. The hope is to invite those who are passionate about serving teens while on their summer break and especially prepare for the new school year. The ministry truly desires to build a team who can support the headquarters as the network envisions to grow greatly in the second half of the year.

Recruitment for South America Representative Continues

Olivet Teen Mission Headquarters has discussed among its staff to set up a regional representative for South America as one of its main priorities. As the mission is growing rapidly in Olivet Assembly South America churches there is an urgent need for an appointment to be established who can guide all the countries in this continent to set up Teen Mission leaders.

OTM Delhi's Summer Vacation Bible School Concluded Successfully

The Summer Vacation Bible School organized jointly by Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) and Immanuel Community Church in East Delhi was held successfully. Over 50 students participated in this first VBS of the church. Many of the students have come from the church's partner, Olivet Children Project (OCP), while other came newly to the church for the first time.

OTM Intl Provides Vision & Hope of Worldwide Summer Camps

On June 2, in a daily conference, Olivet Teen Mission chapters gathered to discuss the importance of summer camps and how essential it is for them to not miss this opportunity to evangelize teens. It was especially emphasized that through evangelizing now in the summer time, teens will be empowered and influence their peers in the new school year.

OTM Collaborates with OA Eurasia to Influence Youth in the Region

The leader of Olivet Teen Mission International joined an online conference with Olivet Assembly Eurasia to introduce and find the way to set up OTM in the churches within the continent. A few months ago Eurasia region leaders held their first meeting with OTM. Ministers were introduced to the ministry. This time, the meeting focused on delivering the vision to set up volunteers among members who have a passion for teens.

OTM HQ Commences First Internship Program

Olivet Teen Mission International initiated its first internship at the headquarters in Dover, New York. Interns from the United States and India will join the internship for at least six months to learn valuable skills to support an international Teen Ministry organization.

Chapter Opens in Toronto with New Volunteer

By the grace of God, Olivet Teen Mission opens a new chapter in Toronto, Canada. Through the partner church, Gratia Community Church one passionate member has been set up to focus on developing an OTM chapter.

OTM Intl HQ Announces Core Lent Goals & Focuses

On March 1, the Olivet Teen Mission headquarters shared their focuses and goals for the time of Lent chapter leaders through the daily conference. Chapters were also guided to look towards the Cross during this special season in both their personal lives and ministries.

Ways to Disciple Teens

Olivet Teen Mission headquarters outlined ways to disciple new OTM members so that they may continue to grow in their relationship with Christ. These teens who have confessed that they are followers of Christ and that they are committing themselves more to God and to serve the ministry, are to receive proper guidance so that they can grow more in Christ

New Chapter Opens in Haiti

Olivet Teen Mission welcomes a new volunteer, Cazeau, from Haiti, who will open the ministry in this Caribbean country. Cazeau became a Christian from a very young age, and has developed a great passion for working in the Kingdom of God, specifically, working with teens.

U.S. Teen Mission Looks Towards Setting Up Countless Volunteers

The Olivet Teen Mission International representative met with Olivet Assembly U.S. missionaries on through an online conference to provide guidance on establishing Teen Mission chapters. U.S. holds a special importance as it is the continental where the OTM headquarters is located. This makes it easier for people to travel to the HQ to receive training and serve as intern staff.

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