OTM National Leaders Committed to Hold Vibrant Programs Regularly

OTM Int'l

In a recent online conference, Olivet Teen Mission chapters met for an international conference in which national leaders were committed to weekly programs in their churches or local schools so that teens can more easily come to know the Lord.

"What's important is to open a way for teens to come. There should be many ways for them to come to the Lord," shared the presider of the meeting to explain the essential need for programs.

A special emphasis was on going to schools to launch clubs. This way, OTM leaders cab have direct access to teens. However, if this process takes time, leaders should first focus on opening a program in the church while searching for a way to open a school club.

To consider what kind of program to hold in their chapter, leaders ought to find a program that interests the local teens. This could be based on the results of a survey where they ask local teens what program they would like to church to hold. 

The steps to launch a program include: 1) Decide Program, 2) Create Flyer, 3) Promote & Evangelize, 4) Set Daily Prayer Time. 

OTM weekly programs envision to create a joyful and loving atmosphere filled with young believers who are seeking the Lord together. However, the programs also hope to be a welcoming of teens of all levels of faith through having various interesting activities. Teens in today's society are desperately looking for guidance and community centered on Christ's love. OTM International seeks to provide exactly that through its various chapters. 

May OTM chapters launch many programs around the world so that teens have numerous chances to meet the Lord.