Middle School

Olivet Teen Mission Middle School Ministry strives to create opportunities for middle school students to live the life Jesus called them all to live.

Through this ministry, these students will be able to study the scripture, be a part of a flourishing Christian community, and serve those around them.

With the continual guidance of mentors to help them and challenge them in their walk with Jesus, the members of this ministry will be raised as powerful young leaders in their own school community and neighborhood.

High School

Olivet Teen Mission High School Ministry exists to guide high school students to be impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that will ignite a passion in them for God’s Kingdom movement

This ministry seeks to change the lives of high schoolers through allowing them to experience the life-altering power in Jesus Christ in a relatable and comfortable setting.

God has great hope in these young people to lead those around them and that is why OTM High School Ministry also wishes to raise them to become teen leaders in their local community.