OTM Intl Emphasizes Daily Evangelism Towards Easter

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Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) International is entering this season of Lent meditating on the cross of Christ. Leaders were especially guided that in order to know the cross deeply, they ought to take it up sincerely each day, particularly through evangelism.

During the 40-days of Lent, leaders were guided to have a daily standard of evangelism. They were encouraged to be very hopeful in the resurrection through Jesus Christ towards Easter and expect a great harvest. But, before the great glory of the resurrection, the cross must be carried and many efforts should be made, as one dies to themselves daily.

Though it can be challenging to maintain a standard for 40-days, leaders ought to remember their ultimate commission of saving souls, bringing teens back to the Lord and raising them as His disciples for the Kingdom of God. There are numerous teens waiting, especially online, during this time of pandemic. It’s the role of the OTM Chapter leaders to take on this responsibility to reach these lost teens in their country.

If this daily evangelism standard is kept diligently, surely God will raise many souls towards Easter. May each chapter remember and hold onto the goal of evangelizing and working with persistence this Lenten season.