OTM Focuses on Goals for March; Anticipates a Greater Revival

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Thanking God for His steadfast hand during the month of February, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) plans to welcome the new month of March by setting up focuses and goals. Looking to the cross of the Lord and holding onto His love, OTM anatipcates a greater renewal and resurrection during the Lenten season, and prays for the fulfillment of these important goals throughout March in the Lord’s power. 

During March, OTM HQ prays to continue expanding the global network, strengthening regions and raising leaders globally. Next, to prompt a refreshing and inspiring outlook on OTM, the HQ hopes to revamp and improve the OTM website and draw the interest of many teens online. 

Additionally, the OTM plans to work on the HQ center’s renovation and build up the center as an important facility for the development of teen mission. Along with this, OTM continues to pray for more staff to be recruited and work together to support a global network.

For OTM chapters, the focus remains on setting up more Bible study students and participants towards Easter. Intent on experiencing a resurrection in evangelism and the Bible study students, chapters were directed to diligently evangelize with passion, teach the Word, and actively think of the best ways to reach teens. 

Doing the Lord’s work diligently and focusing on His love that reached until the end, OTM prays that this month of March will reveal God’s goodness and strengthening hand. May the Lord continually hold and support OTM as all staff, chapter leaders, and teens as they pray to sincerely trust the Lord and become more mature in love this Lenten season.