OTM HQ Exhorts Chapter Leaders to Diligently Teach Word of God

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Seeking to revive evangelism during this new year, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) exhorts chapters to focus on diligently teaching the Word of God and ministering to numerous teens with the truth. Finding thirsty souls seeking the Word, chapters should truly keep the Word as a priority in their teen-focused mission, and be able to continually admonish Bible teachings with love and grace. 

Truly, the Word is alive and active, as its salvation power brings life to any dead soul and strength to the weak. The Word is truly the spring of life that overflows bountifully; chapters should realize its abundance within them, and truly be ones to share it with numerous teens. Many of them are in need of the Word of life to resurrect them, so chapters should stay awake and persistent to evangelize and teach the Word to many souls. 

Currently, OTM HQ is also brainstorming on ways to raise teens more efficiently and thinking of how they can grow into leaders through studying the Word of God/evangelism training. As such a vital and precious gift, OTM hopes to utilize the Word greatly and ask of it’s life-giving, resurrecting, and active power to refresh teen mission and revive evangelism deeply.

OTM HQ hopes and earnestly prays that each chapter can also experience the vibrancy of the Word and it’s truly empowering gift to life to those who listen and to those who teach. May all OTM chapters be led by the Lord and truly find many thirsty teens to share the amazing Word with.