[Teen Devotional] Ask God for Wisdom, Who Gives Generously Without Finding Fault.

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James 1:5, NIV: “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

We cannot receive wisdom through our deeds. Proverbs 1 says that ‘fear of the Lord is the beginning of the knowledge.’ How can we fear the Lord by our own deeds? We sinners, sin because we do not fear the Lord. This is the lack of knowledge. If we cannot fear the Lord we can’t have knowledge. Smart people are the people who really fear the Lord. But here is James 1:5, Apostle James is telling us that we should ask God. We should ask God who gives us generously. God is our Father and He really wants to give us many things, But we don’t ask him. We really need to ask him. God gives them to us generously without finding faults. The only thing we need to do is ‘asking.’

Why do we need to get wisdom? We need to be smart not to get tempted by Satan. Satan has much knowledge and we should know beyond that. Jesus said that we should be smart as the snake and harmless as the sheep. If we act without thinking that will make a big problem. People of God must be smart. We shouldn’t let people say ‘why are the people of God so not smart?’ Also when we evangelize people we must be very smart. What we say must make sense. Without wisdom, we cannot evangelize nor teach others the Bible.

Then how can we ask God? We need to pray to God. Apostle James was a person of prayer. People say that his knees were like camel’s knees. He prayed so much. When we pray and ask God, we really must be eager to receive it. We should always check ourselves when we pray if we are really eager or not. We really need an eager and earnest heart when we ask God. God looks at our hearts. Also when we pray we should really pray while trusting God that he will give. We should ask God for wisdom. God wants to give us wisdom. We should really ask for it, pray for it.

We need Holy Spirit. Jesus said that Holy Spirit will teach us all things. When we receive the Holy Spirit, He will teach us everything. We should remember that this was not our deeds. It’s Holy Spirit who taught us. It’s God who gives us wisdom. We can be smart when we truly receive the Holy Spirit. To receive the Holy Spirit we need to ask God too. He will give us the Holy Spirit generously when we have the eager heart. Prayer is a really important element that all Christian needs.

Even if you pray with earnest heart and faith, there are times when you do not receive wisdom. Then we should check ourselves if we are asking with the correct heart. If we are trying to receive the wisdom to make others jealous, God won’t give us Wisdom. Also if we are arrogant God won’t give us wisdom. To receive the wisdom and the Holy Spirit, we need to fix our hearts first through repentance. We need to repent before we ask God something. If we have the correct heart, God will truly give us anything.

True wisdom comes from God. The knowledge from this world is not true knowledge. There is no one to ask for wisdom except our God. The foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom. We don’t get our wisdom from the world but from God. We should remember that we are his children. He wants to give us more knowledge. He is just waiting for us. We need to ask him. We need to ask God with the correct mindset and correct heart. We should always ask God for wisdom so that we can win against satan’s temptations.