Olivet Teen Mission


Olivet Teen Mission International was founded in April 2015 by church pastors and members of World Olivet Assembly (WOA). The vision was to raise disciples of Jesus Christ among a bright and passionate generation of teenagers to strengthen the body of Christ in WOA churches. Since then, OTM has been actively reaching out to youths in middle schools and high schools around the world and giving them diverse opportunities to grow in Christ and participate in the Kingdom of God.

The Lord began to capture the hearts of local teens as they witnessed the Christ-centered lives and love of church ministers. It was a time when teen participation increased in the congregations of OA USA churches and more Youth Services and Teen Bible Studies were held.

In 2016, after the ministry witnessed this growth, OTM followed the movement of the Holy Spirit by focusing on setting up chapters in Asia and Latin America where many teens were joining OA churches. The ministry continued to reach teenagers through promoting their outreach programs and providing opportunities for them to serve and study the Word of God.

The strong need for Teen Mission leaders became apparent as more teens participated in the churches. In 2017, leaders began to be set up, and therefore training as well as internships were offered in OTM’s center in New York State to equip these leaders in evangelizing and discipling teenagers in their local countries.

In 2018, the ministry started its first mission tour in California to strengthen the Teen Mission of local churches. Realizing the urgency to disciple teens in the Olivet churches, OTM staff continued visits not only in North America but also to Asia and Europe. In addition to this, the ministry increased camps and retreats to better strengthen teens’ relationships with Christ.

Over the years, the organization reached teens in over 30 countries across 6 continents. Olivet Teen Mission International is now focusing on the goal of appointing raising many more leaders who have a determination to disciple teens with the passion to expand the Kingdom of God and create an environment where Jesus Christ is the center.

In a world where teens are often abandoned and misunderstood, OTM is delighted to be a vessel used by the Lord to outreach and raise teens through setting up Teen Mission leaders all over the world. Through this, communities rooted in God’s love have been created where many teens are being embraced and discipled.