Olivet Teen Mission

For Teens

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden...

This is OTM’s Bible verse and we believe this is how God sees teenagers. They are the light of the world! You are the light of the world! God created you with such bright passion and lively energy. It’s such an important time in your age. It may not always feel that way though. How can we show this bright light? It is through uniting with our Heavenly Father and living out how He created us to live.

OTM provides numerous ways for you to know God and to use your life for Him.
Check these opportunities out below and get involved today!

Become an OTM member!

Want to study the Bible more? It’s not so easy to understand the Bible on our own. Through having a Bible teacher explain it to you, you can grasp a much deeper meaning. OTM holds Bible study at the core of all we do as Faith comes thorugh hearing the message (Romans 9:10) and it is the truth that sets us free! Join a Bible study at your nearest OTM chapter or wherever you are online!

Life can be stressful, with school and the pressures of life. Sometimes we just need a refresher in our faith. Retreats are a time to put everything aside and focus on the Lord for a few days or even just a few hours through worship, Bible study, fun, and prayer! Most OTM chapters hold monthly retreats for 1-2 days and larger 3-day retreats for Easter, Pentecost, Summer, and Christmas. Get connected and join the next upcoming retreat!

Membership Trainings and Leadership Trainings are offered to OTM members and student leaders who desire to be better equipped to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those around them and practically serve the Kingdom of God. These trainings are once a week in their local chapters or can be 1 to 3 weeks at a time.

We are called as believers to spread the Gospel to all peoples and nations. After participating in trainings, OTM members will be offered the opportunity to evangelize locally and online or even participate in short-term mission trips to other cities and countries.

God has given you special talents and skills. Each chapter has different departments to let you use whichever talent God has given you. These departments include Mission, Design, Media, Information Technology, Worship, and Prayer.

OTM members have the opportunities to join 3 week to 3 month internships that provides more practical experiences according to your talent and interests.


Christ-centered adults are central to impacting the lives of teenagers who are eagerly looking for those who guide them. Do you have a heart for mentoring teenagers? Get involved in one of the ways listed below! OTM provides these serving opportunities for those who are 18 years and older.

Many teenagers are awaiting to receive guidance from those who have the love of Christ in them. Through OTM volunteers, these youths will be able to come closer to God in an unforgettable way. OTM offers different positions for those who are interested in being involved in the movement to bring teenagers all over the world back to Christ as a volunteer.

Delve into more practical experience through internships. This opportunity is offered for 3 weeks to 3 months. Interns serve alongside a local OTM chapter leader through the areas of evangelism, hosting programs, Bible teaching, and administration such as social media, design, IT, research and more.

By becoming a chapter leader you will be able to manage your own group of teens, volunteers, and initiate various programs to reach out to more teens in your city, country, and region.

Make OTM your career! Serve part-time or full-time in a local chapter through local mission activities as well as behind-the-scenes administration tasks that are needed to help an OTM chapter to thrive.

Launch a new chapter through becoming an OTM missionary! Follwing the Great Commission, OTM desires to reach teenagers of all nations! OTM missionaries are able to participate through going to other countries to start a chapter where OTM isn’t yet present so the Gospel can be spread to all teenagers globally one day sooner!


OTM Middle School Ministry strives to create opportunities for middle school students to live the life Jesus called them all to live. Through this ministry, these students will be able to study the scripture, be a part of a flourishing Christian community, and serve those around them. With the continual guidance of mentors to help them and challenge them in their walk with Jesus, the members of this ministry will be raised as powerful young leaders in their own school community and neighborhood.

OTM High School Ministry exists to guide high school students to be impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that will ignite a passion in them for God’s Kingdom movement. This ministry seeks to change the lives of high schoolers through allowing them to experience the life-altering power in Jesus Christ in a relatable and comfortable setting. God has great hope in these young people to lead those around them and that is why OTM High School Ministry also wishes to raise them to become teen leaders in their local community.

Salt and Light College ministry within OTM allows college and university students to deepen their faith in Christ through their college experience.

College can be an exciting, but also difficult time with new challenges, many life changes, and a myriad of uncertainties about the future. At S& L, college age students are able to immerse themselves in the love of Jesus together with fellow God-fearing believers through the Word, serving, community, and mission opportunities.


Serve God in the special way that He has gifted you! Each chapter has different departments to let you use whichever talent God has given you. These departments include Mission, Design, Media, Information Technology, Worship, and Prayer.


OTM welcomes those who would like to be a supporter of what God is doing in the lives of teens through this ministry. Your gift will help support missionaries, staff, and resources for youth to be raised as true followers of Jesus Christ, which is a priceless reward.