Olivet Teen Mission


Teaching Biblical Truth

Today’s teens are looking for answers. As they are entering a transitional period of their lives, they are faced with great confusion. They are thinking more abstractly about the meaning and purpose of their lives. However, the truth is that it is so hard to find these answers.

OTM holds Bible studies at its core, creating Bible studies that are designed to meet teens where they are. These studies are discussion-based allowing teens to ask questions, diving deep into the Word of God so their spirit’s desire can truly be quenched by knowing the great love of Jesus Christ revealed in the Bible.

Building Christ-Centered Communities

Teenagers are looking for adult leaders in their lives, someone that can guide them in such a confusing time period. OTM puts great emphasis on raising leaders who can serve as mentors to disciple and guide them at their level, accepting them for who they are just as Christ has accepted us.

Also, OTM has the vision of developing communities all over the world where teens can form lifelong friendships with other teens who are devoting themselves fully to following Jesus Christ.

Serving God’s Kingdom

Teens have so much passion and energy. They have a desire to serve and help in spreading the name of Jesus. OTM offers opportunities for them to grow in their faith including participating in evangelism, mission trips, worship, local community service, and volunteer opportunities. Not only that, but OTM allows for their God-given talents to be used in different fields such as art, music, IT, media, and more to expand God’s Kingdom

Spreading the Gospel to this Generation

Numerous teenagers are suffering in the darkness looking for hope. That hope is found in Jesus Christ. OTM International aims to provide various means for teenagers to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and raising disciples who are devoted to the Great Commission.

Raising Leaders for the Kingdom of God

Teenagers have great potential to not just become the leaders of the future, but the leaders of today. OTM desires to equip teens in becoming those who influence their schools, city, homes, and nations for Christ.

OTM International also commits to raising adult leaders and training them to disciple teenagers on their path of faith to become influential leaders for the Kingdom of God.