Olivet Teen Mission

What We Do

We have formed 4 categories for the different kinds of programs so that we can better serve teens and meet them at their own needs.

These categories are: Outreach, Connect, Transform, and Discipleship


Teenagers are initially invited through Bible studies and fun, interesting outreach programs to attract them to the chapters.

Programs: Bible studies, guitar class, language class


OTM leaders focus on connecting with them through building relationships that can open their hearts more primarily through fellowship activities, such as touring the local city and eating together. This is the core aspect that will help them grow in their faith continuously.

Programs: One-on-one with OTM leader or volunteer, cooking together, fellowship activities, and more!


As teenagers continue to grow and open more to the Lord and OTM leaders, they are invited to activities to grow in their faith, such as Bible studies and services, that will lead them to make the decision to give their lives to the Lord.

Program: Bible studies, services, retreats, camps


Once teenagers make the transforming decision to follow Christ and serve His Kingdom, chapters hold regular meetings to help teens grow in their faith through Bible studies, prayer meetings, camps, and small groups, but also serving such as evangelism and local mission experiences.

Programs: Ministry Opportunities, Membership training, Internships, leadership training