Olivet Teen Mission



OTM New Logo Design!—Ushers in New Era

Just two days before the GA, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) received a brand new logo by God’s grace! The long-awaited new OTM logo sports the same unique look, but without the yellow circle, making the logo more

40-Day Walk of Friendship Evangelism

Time passes really fast, and OTM’s 40-Day Walk of Friendship Evangelism is ending in less than a week on the October 25th! OTM wants to be able to reach to more teens and bring light into their life.

OTM Amenia Holds First Teen Leadership Training!

On October 8, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Amenia held the first Teen Leadership Training! Teens that were selected as leaders came together with OTM to learn about shepherding and how they could be good shepherds for the

OTM Mongolian Members Join in Membership Training

On March 3, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Mongolian membership training was conducted via a membership training video that was held by OTM HQ. They were taught Creation and Fall and attended by two members who received great

OTM Intl Chapters to Keep Eyes on Goal, Prepare Retreats

On March 18, Olivet Teen Mission International chapters gathered to share reports and receive direction. It was a time that chapters could receive more specific guidance according to their situation. The meeting started looking at the Word