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Retreats Worldwide to Raise Members & Evangelize Teens

In the month of January and February, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) International chapters are preparing for upcoming retreats, that will be held locally to raise more members. Chapters in the United States, Asia Pacific, and China region

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Chapters Take On Intense Evangelism Marathons Worldwide

Olivet Teen Mission International chapters are now putting great efforts in intensive evangelism at college campuses to find potential leaders who can serve as Bible teachers and mentors to teens. Raising teenagers takes a lot of energy

Asia Pacific Hosts Leadership Training in Korea

Leadership Trainings are one of Olivet Teen Mission’s favorite part of ministry. It is a time where leaders come together to unite in heart, learn, have fun, and… be TRAINED. Since many leaders from the countries in

Teen Mentoring Program to be Hosted in January

Yes! You read correctly! OTM is having a mentoring program this January 9th to the 11th in San Francisco. The program will be hosted by Gratia Community Church who is partnering with us to make this possible.