Olivet Teen Mission

New York Chapter Holds February Retreat

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On February 3, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Amenia, New York began its first monthly retreat of 2024, focusing on the themes of: Creation, Fall of Man, Salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of God.

In the morning sessions, the teens listened to the first Bible Study on Creation. The message explained how everyone in this world has their own worldview, whether they know it or not. The preacher emphasized to teen listeners to fill themselves with Biblical truth and knowledge. Other topics touched upon include creation and evolution that God is the one who created this world by His Word.

The second Bible Study on the fall of man. Looking at Genesis 3:1, the preacher noted how Satan was crafty—he was wise without any purity. Teens were encouraged to remember they can overcome Satan through the power of Christ.

Throughout the morning session, the teens were able to meditate on the basics of the Bible and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. OTM prays for the Holy Spirit to guide the rest of the retreat and allow the teens to deepen their faith during this time.

Bible Studies 3 and 4 covered Salvation and Kingdom Of God. Teen attendees were able to witness the grace of God who gave another chance to all of humanity by sending his son to save us and with His name build the Kingdom of God. The love that was poured out could be felt and experienced by the teens who were diligently listening to the Word of God.

Teens spent time to share in small groups about what they learned from the messages. The retreat ended with a powerful prayer meeting that filled them with the Holy Spirit.

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