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OTM HQ Emphasizes Raising New Leaders & Holding Teen Gatherings

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Olivet Teen Mission International Headquarters continues to emphasize the importance of gatherings and raising leaders for teens. Through this, teens can come to develop a closer relationship with the Lord and devote their lives to the Kingdom of God.

After the recent retreats and camps around the world, one main concern is the need for leaders who can serve as mentors to teens, specifically the second generation. Teens have their own personal struggles that they would like to share but don’t have space or people to share. They may feel difficult to open up to parents as well as even their own peers. Through having leaders who can closely disciple the teens, then the teens can open up more about their personal situation and, most importantly, be guided by the Word through their mentor.

Once these leaders are set up, the regional or international HQ ought to provide training so they know clearly their roles as well as have a greater understanding of how to guide teens to the Lord.

In addition to leaders, large gatherings are essential for teens, especially meeting four times a year for the four different seasons. However, OTM should also help teens to meet God regularly throughout the week, building the habit of going to the church to receive the Word of God. Through the Word, their thoughts will change according to the truth and their satisfaction will be in God’s love.

OTM leaders ought to put a focus on how to recruit and raise leaders while developing a plan that will allow teens to regularly meet together. They should also confirm and announce the date for the Easter retreats by this month so that teens and parents can prepare as well as a committee be formed for this event.

Please pray that God can truly guide continental and national leaders to do these important works. Through these works, the hope is that many teens around the world can truly grow to become leaders who will devote their lives fully to the Kingdom of God.

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