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Int’l Summer Camp Opening Service, ‘You Are a Chosen People’

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On August 1st, the 2019 International Summer Camp began with an opening service delivered by Pastor Eunice Choi, Olivet Academy Korea Representative. The message was preached from 1 Peter 2:9, ‘You are a chosen people’.

In the message, Pastor Eunice shared the deep meaning of this verse and how it is applicable to each one of the second generation personally. She explained that each of them have been especially chosen by God and set apart for Him and His Kingdom. She spoke about Romans 12:2 and how they are to separate themselves for God, to not conform into the pattern of this world, but to be set apart from it.  She also expressed her wishes for the camp- that each one of them can come to know their identity in Christ as the chosen people of God.

All teens and kids were encouraged to use this time of camp to develop their identity more in God, to come to know the deep meaning behind this verse, and to apply it to their lives. She emphasized through the parable of the four soils how the kind of heart they have is very important when it comes to listening and receiving the word of God.

Finally, the opening service ended with an exhortation to all attendees to find their identity in Christ as the chosen people of God and to use this time wisely to focus on God and His word. In total there are 144 children who have attended the camp 94 being elementary school students and 50 from middle and high school.  Please pray that all of them can become the people of God who know that they have been chosen by Him and called for a special purpose.

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