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Retreats Worldwide to Raise Members & Evangelize Teens

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Olivet Teen Mission International

In the month of January and February, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) International chapters are preparing for upcoming retreats, that will be held locally to raise more members. Chapters in the United States, Asia Pacific, and China region plan to hold teen events, aiming to let second generations grow through serving and to raise newcomer teens as members.

During these retreats, current teen members are encouraged to function as helpers to prepare the events. Through this opportunity, they can learn more about serving others, helping them to understand the life of Jesus more. Leaders pray they can serve teens newly evangelized and be a role model, as well as develop their personal relationship with God to become firm in faith to guide others.

At the same time, many teens are being outreached to join the retreats to form closer relationships with one another and to raise as members. OTM prays, newcomers worldwide can receive abundant grace through the message and fellowship to know God’s love and word more deeply.

Chapters reported on the preparation progress and request prayers for the gatherings to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

OTM Korea will have a joint Winter Camp with Olivet Academy in Olivet Center Japan from January 29th to February 2nd. The theme was finalized as ‘The Righteous Will Live By Faith’ with lectures on the Four Spiritual Laws.

OTM Mongolia is preparing a one-day event to strengthen newly evangelized people as well as young teen members. The one-day retreat is scheduled for January 25th under the topic ‘The Will of Creation’.

OTM HQ in Los Angeles set the goal to welcome many new teens during the mini-retreat on January 25th and to raise the second-generation by setting them up as co-workers to prepare the event. The theme is ‘No Greater Love’ from John 15:13.

Lastly, OTM China will hold the first national retreat for the second generation from January 30th to February 2nd. Venue and schedule have been finalized, providing an opportunity for teens to build a stronger identity in Christ.

Please pray for the upcoming events, may the Holy Spirit work powerfully among attendees and comfort the hearts through the amazing love of God. 

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