OTM HQ Celebrates 6th Anniversary; Greets New Year With Rejoicing

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On April 17th, historically commemorating a new year, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) offered the 6th anniversary service in Amenia, NY with abundant grace and overflowing thanksgiving. Held online/onsite and joined by numerous teens from the United States, OTM was able to joyfully celebrate God’s amazing guidance and look forward with faith towards the future expansion and growth of teen mission. 

The anniversary service sermon was then delivered by OTM International representative who once more guided the teens to ruminate on the deep message found in Matthew 5:14. Sharing additionally the historical memories, miracles, and moments that the Lord utilized to grow and nurture OTM into what it is today, she exhorted the teens to remember God’s heart for teen mission worldwide, and how teens are truly the bright lights in the dark world. The teens were inspired to live lives holding onto the truth as the lights raised as disciples of Christ, and moved deeply to restore broken teens all over the world. 

Ending the service, there was also a time of sharing time with overflowing grace, cake cutting, group photo, and a lunch fellowship time as well. All the teens were able to joyfully celebrate the day and remember the grace of God the led OTM amazingly. 

The OTM Internatinal Representative shared, “Teens united together diligently to prepare the center well and offer a pleasing Anniversary Service to the Lord. It was quite different from previous years and I felt even more hopeful and thankful towards God raising these precious teens to become co-workers.” 

“The morning of the Anniversary, it was very cloudy, so I worried for the group photo, but prayed to God to give us sun. Right before we took the group photo, the sun came out and soon after the photo, it became cloudy again. I was touched by God for answering our prayers and was reminded of His great love for us and for OTM.” 

As OTM enters into the new year, let it continue to be strengthened by God and blessed with His abundant love and incredible power, allowing OTM to reach, teach, and raise more and more teens with the Gospel truth. Inviting them to become the fruitful workers of the Kingdom, OTM hopes to touch many dark souls and fill them with the light of life and the breath of the Spirit. 

Through this offering service of 6 years of Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) to the Lord, OTM hopes that God sees the precious hearts that worship Him and love Him, and inspire them to lead many others to know Him deeply. Greeting the 7th year, OTM earnestly prays that the Lord unlock His powerful abundance and mighty hand to resurrect and refresh OTM with many teens and bright souls that desire strongly to participate as Kingdom workers. May Christ continually be the center of OTM and allow youths all over the world to be restored beautifully, making live His Word in them that they may learn to glorify God through being lights of the world.