OTM Mongolia Bible Study Group Studies Romans Chapter 2

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On April 21, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Mongolia representative studied Romans 2 with Bible students. 3 teens joined in this Bible study as their third daily Bible study.

After the lesson, a Bible student shared, “I understand that believers sin when they break God’s word. Tithe is not an offering to a church but an offering to God. I’m attending a meeting online now, but I need to offer tithing. Also, we always need to repent to God. When we sin, it accumulates. It doesn’t go away. So I understand that we need to live with repentance. “

The another Bible student said, “I understood that there is a true believer and believer on the outside. I want to be a real believer.”

Finally, another Bible student said, “We are saved, but we still live in sin. We must always repent of our sins. I also realize that it is very important to see the sin here.”

They want to know God more deeply through daily Bible studies. As they continue to study the Word, may God reveal Himself to them and nourish their thirst with the living and active truth.