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OTM Chapters to Evangelize & Co-Work With College Students

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Pushing for a breakthrough in mission, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) HQ exhorts chapters to evangelize college students from prestigious universities to co-work with. With the Salt & Light ministry under OTM that finds college students to serve teens, OTM prays that each chapter can focus on finding many prepared co-workers that become precious staff, interns, and mentors for teens. 

The target to find college students is a tactic that numerous youth ministries utilize to gain a stronger workforce to support more teens. Having people, especially young people like college students, can be pivotal towards supporting larger gatherings, evangelizing more teens, and formulating better strategies for mission. Truly, even a single college student can be a great strength for OTM chapters. 

For OTM, the focus is to primarily find many educated college students that can quickly become a part of the staff team. Thus, chapters should pray diligently and take two days a week to sincerely search for the co-worker. 

Like Paul and Barnabas, OTM hopes that each chapter can make the wiser decision to partner with others in doing mission work. Chapters should carry the heart of Barnabas as they search for ‘Paul’ and know how powerfully God can work through that partnership of love. 

Despite the hardships of evangelism and the countless prayers, OTM continually encourages chapters to keep praying and keep seeking these co-workers. Truly, God will not let the prayers fall to the ground, but is listening to everything. Even though it’s hard, everything starts like a mustard seed and will become a great tree for the Kingdom of God. 

May the Lord be with all the chapters as they seek for the precious college students and allow them to be filled with the heart of Barnabas that searches for Paul. 

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