Olivet Teen Mission

OTM New Logo Design!—Ushers in New Era

Just two days before the GA, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) received a brand new logo by God’s grace! The long-awaited new OTM logo sports the same unique look, but without the yellow circle, making the logo more professional, mature, and yet retaining its passionate flare. This signifies entering into a new era of higher developments and expanding networks across the world to unite teens as God’s holy nation, set apart for His Kingdom.

OTM thanks the Lord for this new logo, and is excited about OTM’s new outlook uniting with the community to welcome the 30th WGA. Many prayers and efforts have been piled for this logo, and OTM believes that its birth will bring joy and freshness as well as a sense of blossoming growth to all teens, staff, and members worldwide.

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