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OTM Intl Starts 40-Day Walk across Chapters Worldwide for Spiritual Revival towards Christmas

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Today, on November 14, Olivet Teen Mission International chapters have started a 40-Day walk towards Christmas. OTM members around the world have committed to standards in order for personal spiritual revival and growth among the chapters.

Members are being guided to read 3 Bible Chapters and 5-10 minutes of personal prayer to receive abundant grace at Christmas retreats and to invite one friend to the retreats.

Chapter volunteers and leaders are being guided to set up a daily evangelism standard as well and eagerly pray for reaching goals. Personal Romans meditation is also highly encouraged in order to become more firm to preach to many teens.

The spiritual atmosphere is very different in this season of Christmas. It’s truly a time to seek personal and ministry revival as we meditate on the reason that Lord had to be born into this world – for the salvation of man. May God look at the hearts of OTM members and chapters around the world and pour down abundant grace and blessings.

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