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Olivet Teen Mission International Conference Concludes in Korea

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Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) teens have just finished joining the 30th World General Assembly (WGA) and are now returning home to their own countries. It was by God’s grace this event was held smoothly and the teens could join. Below is a summary of the events that teens joined throughout the program. 

OTM Teens Join 1st Day of WGA
On Friday, October 28, OTM teens joining the Opening Ceremony and Service, attended the flag ceremony and watched various presentations. Various leaders and fellowships gave the presentations, and they could see God’s works in the community and how the bodies of Christ work together. The teens also listened to testimonies of God’s work in real-time and the power of the Holy Spirit working through the members. After the morning programs, the teens gathered together on their own for the OTM International(Intl) Conference to listen to the OTM Introduction. Through it, teens learned more about OTM and got to know each other better.

OTM Teens Join 2nd Day
On the Second day, after the morning session of a health lecture and mentoring, the teens listened to the OTM Student Department presentations given by the student leaders, so they could understand how the teens were serving in OTM. There was a video statement by the Intl President, Dosun Kim, then presentations from US & Canada, and Korea for Mission, Media, Education, Worship, Design, and Prayer Department. The presentation highlighted the developments, goals, and prayer topics of the regions and departments.

OTM Teens Join 3rd Day
The teens were very busy on the third day, with the graceful Anniversary/Sunday Service, and a history lecture. The history lecture, delivered by Pastor Sophia Hong, outlined the dream and purpose of Olivet’s History. The teens also gathered outside on their own to share grace in their cell groups and have a time of reflection. After sharing, the teens joined in an activity of banner making.

The next day was a tour of OAPC and afterward, the teens had a program to enjoy a trip to Everland, in which they had a lot of fun. After this historical 30th WGA, the teens have understood the works of the church and community much more deeply and understand the goals. OTM prays and asks for prayers that the teens may continue holding onto the grace and share the grace with others.

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