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OTM Korea Reveals Vibrant Student-Led Department Activity

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OTM Korea to holds various programs among its student-led departments. Its department activity is described below.

First, the Education department subdivided what should be done in the department. They will distribute the online Bible Study website to students who are eager to listen to the Word of God. They are also in the process of meditating on the Bible studies received at the Easter retreat, organizing the reflections written by the students, and visualizing them into a video by uniting with the video team.

The video team and the design department have completed the making of the video of “the Path of the Cross.” Meanwhile, the photography team is learning photo editing skills for photos that will be posted on Olivet News.

High school students in the Prayer Department set a standard for early morning prayer, waking up every morning with prayer during Pentecost. On the other hand, middle school students keep the standards until Pentecost as an evening prayer meeting. The Prayer Department Student Leader shared, “Please pray that though our beginning of this standard is weak, but the end would be prosperous.”

The Worship Department asked for prayers so that the Pentecost Praise Night preparations could proceed well in the grace of the Lord.

The Mission Department are evangelizing 10 students by social networks. The hope is to share the grace they received and deliver Jesus’s name without hesitation. 

OTM Korea’s goal is to raise teens first as the leaders who can preach gospel to the other teens. May all department leaders only look at Jesus to lead other students with love.

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