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OTM New York Special 3-Day Prayer Retreat at Elim Center

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From June 9 to 11, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) New York held a 3-Day retreat in Kirkwood, New York together with Elim Center International. The retreat was held with the theme, “I Will Pour Out My Spirit on All People,” based on Acts 2: 17. It was a transformative time for teens to cut off all distractions and focus on the Lord. 

The 3-Day retreat started off with a Praise and Prayer Night led by teens themselves. On the second day, 3 Bible studies were held with a special Question & Answer time. Teens also had fun activities together and broke into discussion groups. The day concluded with a powerful prayer night. The retreat ended with a Closing Service and a fun and joyful park fellowship. 

One teen shared, “On the Saturday prayer meeting, I suddenly started crying when I realized that I was made so that I could love God back. He didn’t make humans as robots or AI because in order for us to love Him back truly, we had to have free will. This was a risk, but God was willing to do it because us loving Him was worth it. This really hit me because I feel like I wasn’t loving Him and just pushing Him away. But that is terrible! The reason for my existence is to love God, yet I ignore Him and focus on other useless things. I started sobbing because I felt so guilty. God is really waiting for just one more soul to come back to His and open arms, one more prodigal son to come back to the Father and repent. I am like that prodigal child. I really should open my eyes and realize how selfish I am and run back to God.”

Another teen shared, “I had so much doubt about God’s love in my heart even though I understood with my head that he loves everyone unconditionally. During prayer, all these doubt were slapped away. God loves us so much. There was no space for doubt. He understands everything, and even knowing everything, that is not a hinderance for him coming to us. He just wants us to come to him. That’s all. He knows we fall down again and again, but He is there to help us up again and again. “

May OTM be used to guide more teens to experience the great love of God!

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