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OTM Colombia 2022 Goals and Plans: Online Evangelism Focused

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Towards the end of 2021, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) was able to set up a Colombia chapter with a volunteer taking the lead. Reviewing 2021 and looking forward to God’s great work in 2022, OTM Colombia sets up goals and plans to expand teen mission.

In the short time that it was launched, OTM Colombia has been able to set up online evangelism bases on Instagram & Facebook. Though there has been no immediate result, one volunteer is sure that the seeds sown will bear beautiful fruit in God’s timing. Reflecting back, she also plans to reestablish the prayer time in order to cowork with God closer.

Continuing the work on Instagram and Facebook, OTM Colombia will daily create content, manage their homepage, and evangelize for at least one hour. The volunteer shares: “I have proposed to reach the lives of many adolescents with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. I intend on implementing and deepening network in social media and from there directly reach the lives of many teenagers, I hope that through the videos, images, and posts about the word of God and pictures of how we work in our community teens can have greater knowledge of the Lord’s work and so wish to join.”

As for onsite evangelism, OTM Colombia’s current strategy is to develop creative posters to increase interest and thus attract the attention of teenagers. Additionally to online evangelism, onsite evangelism will also be conducted for an hour. 

Once teens have grown in the Word, OTM Colombia will establish them as teen leaders who can in turn support chapter mission through their talents. 

May the Lord watch over all the works done in OTM Colombia and bless them abundantly. May many teens be added to them and that their light can shine brightly for the glory of the Lord. 

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