Olivet Teen Mission

OTM Launches Chapters in Houston and Romania

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Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) has concluded 2021 and began the new year of 2022 with the launch of two new chapters: Houston, USA and Romania. There are many teens who thirst for the truth in this world, so it is important that the Gospel is preached. Thankfully, God allowed the previous year to end and the new year to begin with new chapters .

Two teenagers in Romania have committed to being the start of OTM in their country on December 31st.

While on January 1, a teen boy from Houston, also became an OTM member, initiating the chapter in the Texas city.

He states, on becoming an OTM member, “OTM has helped my faith big time. It has introduced me to scriptures that I never really understood on a deeper level and has helped me study and understand the Bible. Also, OTM has showed me the grace that God has shown us as believers and unbelievers, and helped me understand the dangers of sin. I thank God for providing me the opportunity to study his word with people who are blessed with wisdom. As an OTM member I hope that my goal is to help save and bring more people to Christ.”

OTM has set new goals this year of setting up a global network. It prays that there will be new teen members globally who want to meet and serve the Lord at a young age.

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