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OTM Amenia Holds First Teen Leadership Training!

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On October 8, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Amenia held the first Teen Leadership Training! Teens that were selected as leaders came together with OTM to learn about shepherding and how they could be good shepherds for the rest of their peers. The teens could receive guidance on how to live a life of shepherding others and bringing them closer to God. May God continue to guide OTM to hold more Leadership Trainings.

The first lecture was on servant leadership, where she taught about how Jesus washed His disciples’ feet (Mark 9:33-37) and how the teens should love as Jesus did, even if it means that they could be hurt. A good shepherd is the one that leaves the 99 for the 1, so teens should sacrifice for others by washing others’ sins and revealing God’s image in each teen. The second lecture was from Exodus 4:1-9, where the teens learned about the order of shepherding and the importance of having spiritual standards. Shepherds can easily get a sense of arrogance, so they should remember to always give back to God and listen to teens. Transformation comes through leading others to Christ. By setting up standards, the Word can be known deeper to overcome Satan and prayer can be used to spiritually breath, connecting to God. After the lectures, teens shared about how they could truly feel their calling and how important it was to have a heart of serving.

Afterwards, the teens watched a movie and had a workshop on how to lead teens. They could see how to lower themselves and get to know those under them to lead and connect with them better. Even the smallest things make a large impact. Then, teens had a Q & A session where many of their questions on shepherding and being a leader through God’s strength were answered. The training ended with a prayer meeting where teens could pray for one another’s leadership and for themselves to be humble servants of Christ.

Please pray for OTM to continue hold Teen Leadership Trainings so that those in positions of leadership can be raised in God’s word well. May the Lord continue to bless teens so that they can lead through His strength!

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