Olivet Teen Mission

OTM INSTA Team Refreshes Instagram Page with Bright Contents

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Recently, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Design Department decided to come together and brainstorm better ways to reach more teens and upgrade their evangelism they have set up on Instagram.

So far many teens were reached through the OTM Instagram ads, so the Insta Team wanted to draw even more people through an even better approach. They came up with creative ideas to make their posts stand out and just in general change the look of their page. New additions were also added to the weekly uploads such as tips regarding the topic of the week and more images picturing events and people in OTM.

The previous posts were also expanded a bit more so they could look more unique and eye-catching. Overall, the OTM Insta Team has been very joyful to reach out to so many people and is touched that even one more soul can be touched through their designs and artworks.

They hope to grow exponentially in their skills to reach more people so that their lives may be changed even through one post they saw online. May the Lord give the team new strength to reach more teens online for His Kingdom! 

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