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OTM Intl Stresses Need for Adult Leaders for This Generation

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Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) truly hopes a greater urgency can be placed on the hearts of all missionaries to witness more adult volunteers and leaders be set up for teens towards Christmas.

This generation (Generation Z) is said to be the least Christian generation. The secular culture is entering their hearts. However, through the time of pandemic, many teenagers came back to their faith as they realized they needed the Lord.

As OTM continues online evangelism, especially through Instagram Ads, when asked why teens signed up for Bible studies, 100% of sign-ups express that it was during the Pandemic they became more invested in their faith. Even some teenagers became Christians through social media videos and posts as they became convicted of their sins and realized they needed Jesus Christ.

Now numerous teenagers are looking for Bible studies to delve deeper into their relationship with the Lord It is time to raise up Bible teachers and volunteers to catch up with the thirst of teens. Because of their pure hearts, they can be even more receptive to the Word of God and the love of Jesus revealed through missionaries and Christ-centered adults.

Teens have great passion to preach the Gospel so they easily spread it to their friends and relatives. When they hear the Gospel from a young age, they can be trained early to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and serve God’s Kingdom.

OTM urges ministers to catch the time now to set up an OTM Adult Volunteers who can reach these thirsty teens!

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