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OTM Amenia Holds Second TLT Gracefully–Live As Christ’s Disciples

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On December 10, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Amenia held its second Teen Leadership Training (TLT) gracefully, meditating on discipleship. The training could encourage the student leader trainees to become faithful disciples of Christ and live their lives for others.

The training consisted of two lectures on discipleship: one meditating on the temptations of Jesus and the other on the cost of discipleship. Trainee teen leaders were encouraged to live more nobly, resisting temptation and sacrificing their lives for Christ’s will.

Additionally, TLT incorporated two small workshops. They learned how to use the Romans material for Amenia cell groups, and the essence of preaching accompanied with useful tips. The teen leaders received much practical advice from these two workshops.

As part of the program, a shepherd meeting was also held. Teen cell group leaders gave reports about their cell groups-activities of the cell group and the spiritual conditions of their members. Teen leaders could also share their struggles and receive guidance from senior leaders. The meeting strengthened and encouraged each leader to continue loving their members and direct them to Christ.

Participants shared their reflections after attending the TLT:

“I feel like this TLT meeting was very helpful for me because it talked about a lot of topics that I had been having problems and questions about recently. Usually, when people talk about temptations, it seems like something that doesn’t really relate to you, and you just distance yourself from that situation or that example. But for me, these messages really stood out and made me think about how that would apply to me. It was very helpful that it was about discipleship and preaching since I’m not the best at leading/guiding people and don’t have that much experience. A point that really stood out to me was maturity. It’s not only about growth. You may be able to do it, but you have to be humble and put that first, or else nothing is going to be able to work out. I am very thankful for this time that we could study these things. I hope that I can reflect on it in my life and help my cell group to grow in faith and that I can also learn a lot from teaching them. There may be many things that I’m not good at and uncertain of, so I pray the Holy Spirit can show the way.”

“This TLT helped remind me how much I am dependent on God. I could see that I am not on this path alone but God has set people up and given me the key to guide me along this difficult path of faith. Because of my cell group’s reactions, I was losing faith in my role as leader, but I came to see that God works through the least of us. He reveals His glory in our weaknesses, and that should be our testimony. That is so graceful. If we focus on Him, what else could we want? It’s truly the blessing of being a disciple.”

“This is my first time joining, but it truly felt like a meaningful and graceful time. I was thankful to receive such insightful guidance, especially on discipleship. We really must go beyond the level of the physical world, the surface level, and look for the deep word of God in all situations. The only solution to our fundamental problems is the fundamental solution, returning back to God. I was reminded how weak humans really are, and I could not be helped but be embarrassed about the image that thought ‘I am fine, strong, and all right’. But it is because of Christ that I can be strong despite my weakness I wish to not forget that all of this is grace and love and focus on what is truly important: having a clear and direct plan pointing to the kingdom of God. Again we are vulnerable and are like babies who think they can walk by themselves. Even though I am a baby, I want to pray to be a wise baby that asks for their father’s help and follows his footsteps.”

OTM hopes that through TLTs, many teen leaders can be raised to shepherd teens for the Kingdom of God. Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work inside each trainee teen leader’s heart and ignites in them a passion for the heavenly kingdom.

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