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OTM Korea Revamps Department System: New Depts, New Vision for ‘One More Lamb to Return’

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On December 17, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) Korea held a meeting to discuss how to do the Lord’s work with enthusiasm after receiving abundant grace during the GA.

The current OTM Korea leader first listed the objectives of the meeting. The first is “each department will unite with the headquarters of each ministry.” As teens, they are the next generation and when the time comes, they will be working in various ministries. What they can do now is to train in each department to prepare for their ministry beforehand. They should inherit the works of the first generation well. The second is that “all departments will have a direction for missionary work.” All departments in OTM US & Canada have the same mind, they were all eager to “convince one more teenager.” OTM Korea hopes to carry the heart in OTM HQ so that whatever department they are in, they can do it with the hope that a lamb of the Lord will return.

Next up, they revamped their previous department system. Leaders for Mission and Design Departments were reelected, while two new departments, Education and Prayer Departments, were set up. Media Department and Worship Department leaders were not altered. The new leadership team is expected to bring fresh strength into its operations.

The role of each department was reintroduced.

The Mission Department is where the children of the Lord with dreams of mission gather to plan and execute strategies on how to evangelize online. In the mission department, teens can learn what mission is, network with international missionaries, gather prayer topics from mission fields around the world, and strengthen the missionaries. The members also network with various teens around the world, connecting OTM members together.

The Design Department is a department that serves and supports the operations of the other departments. They gather teens with talent and passion for art and design to make OTM content accessible and beautiful. Their current works include making social media posts, supporting news, designing retreat & event flyers/schedules, finalizing resources, and helping with fundraising by creating merch.

The Education Department is the storage and armory of the member body. Teens who are thirsty for the Word of God can join this department. They collect and organize the Word of God and make resources to easily and quickly raise the sheep of the Lord. Currently, the US & Canada Education Department has already made multiple Bible Study resources with an effective recording and translation system. OTM Korea will follow them and start translating the resources from English to Korean.

The Prayer Department collects prayer topics from all other departments and prays for many projects in the community. Teens who love to pray, want to become deeper in prayer, or want to have a closer relationship with God are encouraged to join this department. The Prayer Department brings spiritual protection and power to all the works of the member body. The prayer members will not be alone but will be connected to the local prayer ministries in order to themselves be protected and know how to pray in the Holy Spirit.

The Media Department’s current focus is on recording and reporting, training in the most foundational field. However, they will also be expanding to content-making as they unite with the local Christian media ministries. Teens who are creative and want to harness the power of media for God can find their place here.

The Worship Department is where teens learn how to worship the Lord in spirit and truth while serving in the service praise teams. Here, teens not only can learn technical musicianship skills but also play the important role of directing the hearts of teens to the Lord. Current Worship Department traditions include prayer & praise nights, music lessons, performances, and praising in all services.

With all this clarified, the departments will work on their specific plans and goals during winter vacation to be ready for operation in the next quarter. Leaders will be briefed on progress once a week by conducting weekly online meetings for follow-up. Department members were also recruited in this meeting.

May all members spend their vacation’s precious time doing the Lord’s work. It is also hoped that what they do will become a culture among the next generation while discovering and growing their talents in God’s. May they truly be a light in the world and draw the lost sheep of the Lord home.

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