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OTM Africa & US Members Reflect on Christmas 40 Day Walk

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With less than a week remaining until Christmas, Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) members around the world have been striving to complete their 40-day walks until the end. OTM hereby shares two reflections from members in Africa and the United States who witness themselves coming closer to God through the walk.

“During this 40-day walk toward Christmas, I have taken up the habit of reading my Bible every day. It has also helped in terms of prayer in that, I now fully understand how to enter my prayer closet. I can now fully understand how much God loves me by reading the Gospels daily.”

“The 40-day walk is going well and has been helping me to spend time with God consistently. It also gave me an opportunity to receive grace. I’m not praying for a specific friend but all of my friends, so God can transform their lives.”

(The Christmas 40-day walk standards are 3 chapters of Bible reading and 10 minutes of prayer daily, both done to prepare the member’s heart for Christmas and for evangelism.)

OTM continues to pray for all the members on their walks of faith. May the Holy Spirit lead them to taste the sweetness of dwelling in God daily.  May they all grow through this season and find themselves committed to the Kingdom of a God who is committed to them.

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