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OTM Puts Full Focus on Christmas Retreat Preparations

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The chapters of Olivet Teen Mission (OTM) are being globally guided to put full focus this week on Christmas retreat preparations and completing Christmas goals. In joyful expectation, just as expecting the Lord as a precious gift, teens and volunteers ought to look forward eagerly to the blessing that awaits through Christmas. At the same time, in order to receive this blessing, all are encouraged to seek the Lord eagerly and pile up efforts wholeheartedly to come closer to Christmas goals.

Christmas Retreat Preparations
OTM chapters are uniting with local churches to invite teens to the upcoming Christmas retreat. This week, volunteers are being guided to unite with their members to invite their friends and evangelize with their best to invite at least 7 non-member teens to the retreat. Chapters should hold a meeting at the beginning of the week to go over the evangelism plan and retreat plan with their members.

Completing 40-Day Walks
At the same time, all teen members will be completing their 40-Day walk on December 22. With just a few days remaining, OTM Headquarters (HQ) encourages all teens to give their all in these final days, especially crying out to the Lord to experience abundant grace during the retreats as well as many teens coming the Lord Christmas seasons. Just as they have found Christ, many more teens in this world need Jesus. They are guided to pray for them eagerly too in the final days towards Christmas.

It is a tense, but joyful time as we approach Christmas. May the Lord listen to all the prayers of the chapter volunteers and members and guide OTM to enter a new dimension this Christmas.

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